Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In Case You Ever Wondered...

What happens to your sand castle after you leave the beach:

A family of moochers comes along and pretends that they built it. To continue this farce they even take pictures with it...claiming it as their own.

As soon as the pictures are taken, along with the credit for building it...their desconstruction team kicks into action. They take painstaking efforts to destroy your castle grain by grain.

As the afternoon fades so does your sand castle. It dies an excruciating death of being raked by little fingers and longs for you--it's original creator. Alas, you never return to bring it back to it's former glory.

Now, don't you feel guilty about leaving it in the first place?


Monday, July 28, 2008

Too Close for Comfort

Within ear shot.
Austin had a baseball tournament in San Diego this past weekend. The last game on Sunday took place on an oddly shaped field with bleachers that were 4 feet from the fence. In other words, we were literally breathing down the player's necks as we watched them play. Everytime your child stepped up to the plate or caught they were privy to all the things you would normally say about them in a game. Oops!
On deck
As I watched Austin play I wisely held my tongue. Until he came to his first at bat. Many of you already know, but Austin is a ball magnet. He gets hit 2-3 times a tournament while at bat on top of the bruises he obtains while catching. (Austin is #4 above, as well as the catcher in the other two pics.) The Colts, the opposing team, know he likes to crowd the plate. So what do you do with a batter who crowds you? You brush him back with some chin music of course! The pitcher hurtled one at Austin's head. The ball sizzled as it flew. Thankfully, Austin dropped back and was okay.

I wasn't however.

Since I don't normally sit so close, I usually don't get an up close and personal view of my son's head being used as a target. I couldn't hold my tongue on this one and spontaneously ripped out, "Hey! That's my son's head that you're aiming at! I know he's a ball magnet, but...seriously?".

Austin was a dutiful son and ignored my comment, but I knew he heard what I had said. The other mom's around me chuckled because we knew that I was busted for saying anything. With the next pitch he crowded the plate once again and took a pitch off of his left shoulder. The ball smacked meatily. Austin dropped his bat and trotted to first base.

After it was all over I asked him if he had heard me. He smirked and said, "Mom...I was fine. I wasn't going to let him hit my head."

Yeah...whatever. I carried that head and the body it's attached to for 9 1/2 months. I washed it when it was dirty. Paid for it's upkeep through dental and Dr. visits. Helped it's brain grow through nutrition and schoolwork. Hugged it when it was crying. You could say I've become pretty attached to it over the years.

Therefore, I reserve the right to make a fool of myself in front of others. However, the next time we sit so close I better wear a muzzle. :)

Austin's team brushing back a batter. Touche'!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Someone to watch over me...

The other night I went to ask Austin a question when I noticed that his Gecko, Fernando ('Nando for short), was watching him intently. If you look in the tank on the right you can see him perched upon his rock. Nando sat there and watched Austin do his homework for over an hour. Apparently he wants to fulfill his Freshman health requirement too.


The Works of Travis Baker...The Early Years

Travis has been obsessed with taking pictures recently. I don't know if it's just the camera or if the kid actually has a good eye. Who knows? These are just fun to look at because you see the world from a 3 year olds point of view.
Note: These pics weren't cropped any form or fashion.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catch of the Day

Although sick, Austin is apparently still a prodigious bug hunter. Sitting at the computer he caught this sucker as it flew in from the patio. The Japanese Beetle (and yes, I know that's a misnomer...I can't find the real name for it. Everyone I know just calls them that.) They are really pretty to look at with their green iridescence, although scarey if they buzz past your face unexpectedly. Right now the poor guy is sucking on his cucumber slice hoping that we release him. No worries there! It's cleaning day and his release hour is coming up soon.
Edited to add: I finally found out what it is. The Fig Beetle. (or the Green June Beetle.)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Travis and the Camera

The other day Billy and I ran an errand up to his uncle's church in Montebello and onto Hollywood. Travis was the lucky kid who got to tag along. Looking at these pictures you'd think he had a terrible time. Quite the opposite--the only reason he looks depressed in these pictures is due to the face that I have the camera and not him. He's been tearing it up with the camera lately and didn't want me to use it. I told him if he posed for the pictures I would give it back. He grudgingly obliged. (I'm so mean!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


When I was 12 I would listen to my sister's Journey Frontiers album whenever I could. (Always on the sly of course). I remember sitting in our den with my headphones plugged into the record player. To make the sound even better I would crank it up loud and crush them against my head to feel the whole depth of the music. I would listen to the album over and over again praying that I wouldn't scratch the record. It's a wonder my sister never killed me!

Fast forward 25 years I finally got to see them in concert. It was well worth the wait. The split second they started into "Separate Ways" my heart was ripped back 25 years to that little girl in the chair. Closing my eyes I was there. Seriously it was a dream come true. Arnell Pineda, their new lead singer, ripped through the songs not only sounding like Steve Perry, but one upping him in overall performance. (Blasphemous, I know...Sorry Noelle!) It was hard to believe, that the Journey I knew and loved was there. Not the sad band that it had become in the last 10+ years. With Pineda their trademark sound is back as well as their style and energy.

They'll be at the Greek in September. Billy and I are thinking about taking the older kids with us. Not only for their continuing education in 80's music but so Billy can hear it in a different venue. He was dissapointed with the sound. (Of course, he's a sound're only happy when you're mixing the show.) I, on the otherhand, was totally happy and enjoying my youth once again. I'm almost afraid to go back again because it may not feel the same. We'll just have to see.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quiet Bliss

Our lives have slowed down enough for one day that there isn't anything to blog about. Austin is off at practice. I have no soap box rants about crazy drivers or even a humorous story about Travis to muse on. (Who, currently, is sleeping on the couch draped across the top cushions like a cat.) It is the calm before the storm though, UGSFAW is looming in the near future. With UGSFAW comes early mornings and energy filled days. For now though, I'll enjoy the relative calm of Tamila strumming the same three chords on her guitar, Billy and Travis snoring and the cool ocean breeze.


(P.S. After writing this post I realized the music had stopped. Tamila is now asleep on the couch with the guitar in her arms. Aaron and I are the only one's awake. Can you say "Ice Cream" break?)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Driving Irony

Irony as viewed from the driver's seat:
  • Posting a bumper sticker on your car that reads: "Friends don't let friends eat farmed fish" while your hand dangles a cigarette out the window. That fish is out!
  • Dramatically flipping off a driver with not only a fish on the back of your car, but a Christian bumper sticker to boot.
  • Narrowly avoiding an accident by suddenly slamming on your brakes because your legally texting while driving. Legal. Can you believe it?


I've viewed all these things and more in the last week. Seriously people. Actions speak louder than words, laws and bumper stickers.

I'm off my soap box now.