Thursday, March 26, 2009

No More Tom Green! Just the kids!

I was tired of seeing Tom Green's mug, so here are some pictures of the kids... I am sure they are more enjoyable to look at. (except for you Kristi because I know how much you love Curtis' beard.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tom Green and Curtis

About ten years ago, I was an audio assistant on the Tom Green show for three episodes. It was a lot of fun and I found out that in my experience Tom Green was a nice guy. I was watching him last night on "Celebrity Apprentice" and realized he and Curtis were sporting the same type of facial hair. The first half of the show Tom's beard was a lot like Curtis'. Before the board meeting Tom had gotten a haircut and had his beard trimmed.

He survived to fight another day. If you watched the episode, I love that Curtis has as many good creative ideas as Tom Green did on the show. Curtis is just better at making sure his point of view is heard and understood. Anyway, no other comparison for now except for the facial hair.