Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why I love Baseball...

I love baseball. Not just for the nuances of the game, it's all American appeal, the friendships I've made or even the excuse to just sit and enjoy the sun. No...I love baseball because it's given me the chance to watch my boys grow.

Now, I know that one can watch their kids grow up on a daily basis. I get that. Baseball has forced me to sit on the sidelines, be still and see my boys grow not just physically, but socially and emotionally too. It gives me a window into their true selves (and my own sometimes...I've discovered I'm a little competitive. Who knew? haha!)

What brought about this declaration? I found some pictures of Austin's first year in baseball this morning while cleaning. It made me all sappy and teary eyed so I had to share a few...

Austin, 9 years old.

His first year catching.

Seen this move before.

Austin, 16 years.

Yesterday at HBHS.

I have more pics to share of all of them, but I'll spare you and take my time to publish them over time. :)



Billy said...

I'm too tired to be reading a blog that is gonna make me cry. I read it anyway.

Sarah B. said...

How sweet is that first picture....I love it!

The Williams Family Blog said...

moses, made me all teary-eyed too!! I remember that first year...time flies!

World of Wright said...

I sometime think you and I live parellel lives!
Jagger recently had his first game of the season and it was on the same field where Stephen started palying ball.
I had a teary mommy moment too...
Josh and I always say "this never gets old!"
Of all my friends, you probably understand this the best.

Heidi said...

big, bittersweet tears.... ♥