Thursday, March 4, 2010

We're still kickin' it on ol'blue.

The Baker family has been slacking on the Blog as of late. Okay, fine...not as of late, but for almost 6 months. So I'm here to state that we're alive and well in HB! Baseball season has kicked in with all three boys playing. Tamila is busy leading her Flex small group and surviving the everyday dramas of Jr. High. Between the four of them I have plenty of blog fodder being created as we speak. So--this is a warning shot over your bow: watch out the Baker's are going to start posting again!

Oh,like the picture? Nasa released a new set of earth pictures this last week using a composite of satelite photos. The clarity and colors are insane! Here is the flipside in case you were curious:



Heidi said...

YAY! I have missed your blog. I look forward to many posts (hint)...

World of Wright said...

Welcome home Baker family....welcome home.